Remaining Determined and Resilient in exercise22 Aug

Remaining Determined and Resilient in exercise

There has been a lot of uncertainty throughout 2020; keeping yourself positive and determined to reach the goals you set at the beginning of the year can seem out of reach. We want to support you and help you remain determined and resilient through your exercise and the stress of life!

Keeping yourself motivated to reach your goals may seem a lot harder than it is; a lot of this can be catching any negative thoughts of whether you’ve not pushed yourself, how you’re not performing as well as you had been before lockdown and more. Remind yourself of your strengths, how well you’ve kept your fitness up, or know how you can work your way towards your fitness regime from before lockdown.

Some key ways to keep yourself determined by heading back to the gym can be something as simple as keeping motivated with friends. Head to a fitness class you both love and encourage one another, or send each other encouragement throughout the week to stay on top of your new regime.

Another great way to keep resilient is by using online workouts that have instructors to help encourage you through! With our Brio online workouts, you can get the extra support from familiar faces if you’re not ready to head back to the gym yet. Les Mills also has incredible instructors and online classes that you can enjoy and use with 30 days free!

Ease yourself back into your exercise; it is tricky going from what you were used to before lockdown, you’ll find that you need to relax and start slowly before you can get back up to the same standard. Knowing this, try not to put yourself down and keep determined knowing that you can reach the same stages as before.

Making sure that you are going to activities you enjoy will not only help you love exercising but will also help with getting your determination and motivation back! We understand how anxious and worried you can be with coming back to our centres; we have worked to create an atmosphere that helps you feel safe and secure with a one-way system and social distancing regulations in place. We hope to see you back soon!

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