Our 5 top tips to help you step into fitness!4 Aug

Our 5 top tips to help you step into fitness!

Even if you’ve been taking part in our online workouts, getting back into your fitness class, swim and gym sessions can still push your body. Here are our top tips to help you get back into fitness without the risk of injury!

1 – Start Slow

We can often feel the need to go all out with our workouts as we head back to the gym; remember that your body won’t be used to this even if you’ve been taking part in different online exercises. Reducing the intensity of your workouts doesn’t mean they won’t work your body; over time, you can increase the intensity of your workouts as well as the duration of them!

2 – Set Goals

Setting goals can be anything from weight loss; time spent working out a week or working up to a long-distance run! Make sure the goals you set are reachable; being able to set smaller goals, or checkpoints, will help you work your way up to your overall goals! It takes time to build up habits; using checkpoints, and smaller goals will help you start slow and build up your fitness over time.

3 – Monitor Progress

Building up a habit is tricky; using different tracking apps and timetables will help you to keep on top of your fitness plan. With our Brio App, you can record your workouts manually, or through connecting a fitness tracker!

4 – Rest

Rest is key to creating a solid fitness plan, as well as helping prevent injury. Resting between workouts, whether this is a day or two, can help your body repair muscles before working them again. Keeping track of your pain and potential injury will help you to recognise when you need to rest.

5 – Cardio

Keeping it simple is a great place to start! Cardio is brilliant to both warm-up and cool down with; finding simple cardio exercises like running or cycling, can help you increase your overall fitness. Not only is it great before workouts, but it can be something simple to start your fitness plan with!


Don’t forget you can find all of our online workouts on our YouTube channel, keep an eye out for more fitness classes, swim sessions and more as we reopen areas of our centres over time!

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