New App Features for a New Workout Experience!10 Aug

New App Features for a New Workout Experience!

Our Brio App has just updated with NEW incredible features to help build on and encourage your workouts!

We’re always looking to improve the Brio app and introduce new features that will make it fun and useful to our members. We’re please to announce that two amazing new features have just launched, so boot up the app to see them for yourself and read on to find out about them:


The new Analysis tile is an extremely clever addition that takes a holistic approach to your health and designates an “age” based on a number of criteria. You may have seen that you can add in various areas of strength, cardio and metabolism into the app now; not only will this help you to track your progress but it can automatically update through connecting to your smart watch or fitness tracker.

The Strength Value sets the user’s body weight in relation to his/her strength. A loss of muscle mass and strength can cause various metabolic and cardiovascular problems, like decreased bone density, fat gain, and diabetes (Westcott, 2012). The Metabolism Value gives further insight into the health status by relating weight, fat, and height. It is calculated by the Body Mass Index (BMI), Body Composition, and Waist-Hip-Ratio (WHR). The Cardio (Cardiovascular) Value combines the Resting Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, and the VO2max. It gives an overview of cardiovascular capacity, performance, and health. A healthy cardiovascular system is also connected to a robust immune system (Kullo et al., 2007).

These three areas are compiled together to create your BioAge, calculating this includes scientifically proven factors that directly relate to you physical performance, health and immune system statuses. It provides a highly reliable benchmark for your body’s age. The BioAge shows how members perform in comparison to the typical average values of their real age group. For example, the strength value is compared with the available data sets of various age groups and compiled with the rest of the results in the analysis area.

For example, someone at 50 years old could achieve an overall performance of the average of all 45-year-olds; this biological age can be lower or higher than your actual age and is a great way to work towards bringing your BioAge down. Give it a go today and see what yours is! Remember, the more information you give it, the more accurate it will be but don’t worry if you don’t have that info to hand, just pop in what you can!

Activity Levels

Our new Activity tile is all about keeping you focused on your exercise, because we all know it is super easy to go hard for a month and then just drop off the exercise bandwagon! With Activity Levels, you can keep yourself motivated on working toward the next step and building your fitness over time!

Each activity has a number of points that corresponds to the energy and health benefits of the exercise; reaching a higher level is based on increases your activity points in a 28 day period! After inactivity or too little training, your health benefits will be lost again, this affects the activity level as well meaning you can drop down one.

Activity Levels work on showing you health benefits each time you move up; by working on building your exercise up, you can see how your body is improving and how your exercise is helping your body inside as well as out.

There’s also a ranking function, that will show the members with the most points every month. This resets at the start of every month so everyone had a chance to get involved!

We’re thrilled with these new features and hope you are too. Don’t forget you can download the app from the App Store and Google Play Store.


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