5 Strength Workouts for beginners!9 Mar

5 Strength Workouts for beginners!

We know it’s hard to find ways to successfully test your body, strength exercises can be intimidating so here is how you can get started!

Strength training doesn’t mean that you need to use weights; bodyweight exercises are just as effective as using weights. Starting out with bodyweight will help you get to know these exercises, when you start building up strength you can start to add weights into these 5 exercises.

1 – Squats

Squats don’t just target your lower body, they can really focus on your core as well! Bodyweight squats can help you focus on your form and works towards improving speed and strength. Developing this exercise, you can start adding weights and change up the exercise with an overhead press or including pulses.

2 – Deadlifts

Multiple variations of deadlifts can not only increase strength but can keep the exercise interesting and fun! Deadlifts require you to keep a straight and neutral spine as you bend over with a weight before driving back up through your legs. Working your glutes, quads and hamstrings, this exercise is a perfect strength training workout! You can variate this by doing single deadlifts, sumo deadlifts and other various ways to target different muscles.

3 – Lunges

This strength training exercise is perfect to target your back, hips and legs! Not only can it help with strength, but mobility, focusing on helping you improve stability. Lunges target your lower body and can increase weight loss by building muscles and reducing fat. Starting with body weight, you can build up this exercise like with the others by adding weights and trying new variations.

4 – Push-Ups

One of the main benefits of push-ups is the improvement of cardiovascular health, they can lower risk of heart problems. Push-ups are easily modified and don’t require equipment; but if you’re looking for variations you can try adding weights, resistance bands and more!

5 – Calf Raises

Calf raises are great at building up strength and creating leaner legs, they stabilise your feet and ankles and can help increase speed. Adding variations with weights, resistance bands and also combining with squats and other exercises are amazing ideas to switch the exercise around.

Try out these incredible exercises, and if you’re looking for beginner’s core exercise click here!


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