Try out a festive Buddha Bowl!12 Dec

Try out a festive Buddha Bowl!

A vibrant bowl of goodness – usually composed of a protein source, starchy carbohydrates and lots of veggies! These bowls offer a great way to achieve a healthy and well-balanced diet!

Buddha Bowls are great. They’re a convenient way of using any left-overs and anything you have to hand: just throw it all together in a bowl and there you have it, a Buddha Bowl!

Why Buddha? Because Buddha had a round belly and the bowl is round! The Buddha bowl has said to originate from the following story:

Buddha would carry his bowl through the streets and local people would donate food for his bowl. At the end of the day, Buddha would eat whatever he was given. This was the original Buddha bowl: packed with whatever food the locals could provide!

We’ve put a festive spin on this classic recipe, but as you can probably tell, anything goes! Feel free to add or take away ingredients as you see fit.

To serve, align all your veggies and beans in a bowl. Top with a tablespoon or 2 of hummus – We made a homemade minted pea hummus (we simply blitzed the remaining can of butter beans with a large handful of petit poi peas, a tablespoon of tahini, a teaspoon of mint sauce and a squeeze of fresh lemon)!

Roast your sprouts with a generous drizzle of balsamic glaze and enjoy the taste of sweet caramelisation!

No matter what recipe you choose to follow, a Buddha bowl should contain a variety of nutritious ingredients that can be filled in a variety of ways! Show us your variation using Twitter§ or Facebook, and let’s see who gets the most creative!

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