3 fitness classes to boost your mood!7 May

3 fitness classes to boost your mood!

Research has proven that exercise is an extremely effective way to decrease stress, clear your head, and boost your mood.

People commonly experience stress in life, whether it stems from our relationships, a busy work schedule, money worries etc. However, making time for exercise can greatly improve how well you manage stress.

Yoga Techniques For Beginners

Luckily, there are many types of exercise that can help relieve stress and keep you grounded, be it at home or in one of our leisure centres. The best results will come when you choose workouts that you enjoy. You can choose to stick to one or two types, or mix it up with a variety and even take a friend or family member for a bit of fun.



Yoga involves a series of poses, both moving and stationary, combined with deep breathing. This exercise is ideal for relaxing the body, maintaining balance and being at one with your mind. Yoga is not just excellent for relaxation; it’s also suitable for people of all ages and physical conditions. If you’re seeking a starting point for stress management, Yoga is an ideal choice.

Tai Chi

Many types of martial arts can help you focus and stay mindful. Tai Chi is a great way to start your fitness journey.

This programme emphasises smooth movements. These movements can help improve balance and flexibility. They also help you stay focused and in addition to that, they can help calm your mind and focus on the here and now.


If you pick the right playlist, listening to music may help reduce stress. Better yet, dancing to your favourite songs can further reduce anxiety, stiffness, and general happiness – we know because we’ve tried!

At Brio Leisure, Zumba is a fantastic fitness class that gets you moving and can help improve your agility and mood. You could also consider giving Brio Dance a shot with our amazing teachers!


You can boost your mood many ways. From breathing exercises, spending time with friends, focusing on a healthy diet and of course on of our favourites, physical activity. In case you’re in search of classes to de-stress, meet new people and boost your mood, visit our YouTube channel to explore some of our excellent online fitness sessions or take a look at our timetables here!

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