5 yoga poses to de-stress25 Apr

5 yoga poses to de-stress

It’s been known that people use yoga as a top remedy for stress and to help relieve the day-to-day mental load we can all feel. Amongst the many advantages of a yoga practice, (and we hear there are a few!), we think it can be a great tool to de-stress.

The good news is, you don’t require a lot of time on the yoga mat to experience the stress-relieving perks. Just holding a pose for a minute or two can help you focus on your body and mind. Yoga helps by teaching us to control our breathing, stay present, and move gently which can be a great way to reduce stress.

If you’re new to yoga, fear not! Begin by finding a quiet space where you can roll out your mat. You don’t need fancy equipment—just comfortable clothing and an open mind. As you move through the poses, remember to listen to your body and don’t push yourself to much. And most importantly, don’t forget to breathe.

5 Yoga Poses for Stress Relief:

Here are 5 yoga positions to try! Start by sitting on the floor with your legs crossed and taking some easy breaths before unwinding and giving these positions a go to start your yoga journey. You can practice all of them in a single session or choose one or two poses based on your needs.


You should determine the duration of each pose based on your own body. We advise holding a pose only as long as you feel comfortable.

  1. Childs Pose (Balasana)
    A lovely gentle stretch that can encourage you to relax and unwind. Kneel on the floor and sit on your legs. Feel free to separate your legs slightly if this feels more comfortable. Reach forwards with your arms extended on the floor and try to keep your glutes on your heels and place your forehead on the floor. Feel free to move your arms down by your sides with your palms facing to the sky. Breathe.

2. Revolved Abdomen Pose (lathara Parivartanasana)
Lay on your back and bring your knees gently to you chest. Feel free to hug them close and give your back a gentle rock side to side if that suits you! Lay your arms out to the sides and gently lower your knees to the right and aim to keep your left shoulder on the ground. Only do what your body allows and do not overstretch. Take a few deep breaths and then gently release and repeat on the other side.

3. Rag Doll Pose (Uttanasana Variation)
Stand with your feet hip distance apart. Gently bend your knees if needed and fold forwards from your hips and exhale out. You can either leave your arms nice and loose or hold onto your elbows. Feel free to adjust the position and allow it to suit your body. Move gently, take deep breaths in and out.


4. Corpse Pose (Savasana)
A great position to relax. Lay flat with your back on the floor and put your arms down by your sides. Extend your legs on the floor and rest. Take time here for yourself.



5. Stick Pose (Yastikasana)
Laying flat with your back on the floor, stretch your arms above your head and rest them on the floor. Stretch your legs out as far as you can and find a nice comfortable position. Take in some deep breaths.

Yoga is just one piece of the puzzle that could help relieve stress. Why not try incorporating mindfulness meditation, journaling, or a gentle walk into your daily routine to promote happiness and relaxation.

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