Restaurants: Our Top 5 Healthy Eating Hacks!26 Apr

Restaurants: Our Top 5 Healthy Eating Hacks!

We’ve all been there: trying to stick to a healthy eating plan when suddenly we remember we’re heading to a nice restaurant for a birthday night out at the weekend.

The panic hits – what do I eat? What do I drink? Will I look stupid if I order from the kids menu?

Fear not, we’ve done our homework and have put together the top 5 ways you can eat more healthily at any restaurant!

1. Be picky

Most restaurants are used to people changing parts of their meal, so don’t be afraid to do so if you think it may give you a healthier option! Try asking for your chicken to be grilled rather than fried, or for a different dressing on your salad. There’s no harm in asking!

2. Watch your sides

When ordering side dishes the obvious options seem to be chips or garlic bread. Try a different side dish option such as a salad or jacket potato. Many restaurants will also do sides of vegetables to have with your main course.

3. Stick to healthy drinks

When out for a meal, it’s tempting to have a fizzy drink or milkshake – especially for children! Being stubborn and sticking to something simple like water or fruit juice will ensure you keep your calorie-count down (and probably make the night a bit cheaper too!)

4. Understand the menu

It seems like a simple one, but some restaurants may use confusing terms for food preparation you’ve never heard of before. Terms such as steamed, roasted, grilled or poached tend to be foods that are typically lower in fat, so they’re often a good option.

5. Eat the amount you would normally eat

Often restaurants have large portion sizes and most people tend to try and eat everything thats on their plate just because its on there. Think about how much you would usually eat at home and don’t be afraid to leave some if you’re getting full!

Don’t forget though – one big meal isn’t the end of the world. If you fancy a big night out, then have one! The only way it’ll ruin your healthy eating streak is if you let it. As long as you enjoy everything in moderation, and keep up with your healthy eating and active lifestyle, you’ll be just fine!

Have you got your own healthy eating-out hacks? We’d love to hear them! Let us know in the comments below.

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