Staying fit as you age!9 Oct

Staying fit as you age!

Exercise is an incredible way to keep your body feeling young!

As you grow older, staying fit, as well as having a healthy diet, is key to helping reduce ill-health! Increasing your fitness, no matter how much or little can positively affect your health, both mentally and physically.

Here are a couple of ways for you to start introducing fitness into your daily routine!

· Taking a walk in your lunch break, or if you’re close enough to commute by foot or bike then ditch the car! Just a small walk can stimulate your mind before work and get you ready for the day.

· Getting a fitness schedule can add a little structure to your gym life! It can help you push yourself and keep you working out daily!

· Try something new like workouts you’ve not tried before or heading to a new fun class with some friends.

· Going back to basics is a great way to start again at the gym; it can be tough on your body if you start where you finished. Go back to the basics, don’t work yourself too hard and stop if anything starts to hurt.

· Keeping a balanced diet and staying hydrated is vital once you get into fitness again! Remember always to carry a water bottle around, especially as you get older; dehydration can cause you to feel tired and even cause medical complications.

· Think positively! Make sure you’re always in a good mood; it can help you associate the gym as a place you want to go, and not a place you have to be.

· Take advantage of downtime; you can spend time by yourself in a fitness class or gym, not just in front of the TV. Try and limit your time on the sofa, get up and get yourself to the gym!

· Focusing on flexibility is key as you grow older; flexibility helps improving blood circulation and flow.


Fitness can help a lot with your health as you grow older, it can help with reducing risks of heart disease, diabetes, depression, and so much more! To find out more about the benefits, check out the NHS site.

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