Simple tips to keeping up fitness!1 May

Simple tips to keeping up fitness!

With May arriving, it’s that time of the month again when we share some tips on how to smash our App Challenge!

Get recording your distance for a chance to win a FitBit Inspire 2! With our Brio App Challenges, you can compete against friends and family and always have a chance to win a prize.

But how can you keep up your fitness?! Here are our top 5 tips for knocking our Challenge out of the park.

1 – Distractions

In the gym, on a run, or even a quick swim – there are so many distractions that can catch your eye and keep you away from your fitness goals! Check out this blog to keep yourself focused, but also remember the goals you have and that the only way to reach them is to work for them.


2 – Time

Set specific time aside to work on yourself! It can be super easy to get up, work, relax and sleep before repeating each day; setting aside even 10 minutes per day to exercise can change the way you feel.


3 – Friends

We love seeing people working out together, it’s a fantastic way to keep yourself motivated and push each other further. Focus on pushing your boundaries by competing with a friend in a fitness class! With our WorkFit Membership, you can enjoy a quick workout over lunch or at the end of the day with colleagues, why not bring someone along?


4 – Challenge yourself

Brio App Challenges are good to not only have fun but to push yourself! We want to help you reach your fitness goals, and focusing on completing a challenge can really show how well you’re doing. Use the challenge as a chance to put your body to the test, focus on how you can increase your fitness and how to beat yourself each day.


5 – Have fun

Enjoy yourself! If you’re not having fun, try a different class or activity, fitness isn’t just about losing weight or gaining muscle. It’s about having fun and enjoying yourself!


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