Top 5 distractions you need to beat!13 Jan

Top 5 distractions you need to beat!

Keeping yourself in the zone at the gym can be affected by so much – there are so many ways for you to beat these distractions!

Here are our top 5 distractions we suffer with, and how we love to beat them.

1 – Keeping Focused

From checking up on texts and chatting to friends, keeping yourself focused on your workout can be hard but here are our top tips!

Leave your phone in a locker, your car or somewhere you know you can’t constantly reach it – even with smart watches you can choose to not receive notifications at certain times. Making sure to remove the distraction can really help!



2 – The Gym is Full

A distraction that happens a lot during the first couple months of the year is finding a lot of the equipment you want to go on is in use; finding your usual workout routine disrupted can be distracting and cause you to not workout for as long.

Use this as a way to find something new, try out some exercises or machines that you don’t usually use and see whether these could be added to your usual routine!



3 – Time

How long your workout is can heavily affect how distracted you get. Making sure you have a certain amount of time allocated to your exercise can help you stay focused and push yourself within that time frame.



4 – Music

Having the perfect workout playlist can be the best way to keep motivated throughout your exercise! But sometimes you can find yourself singing along instead of completing an exercise set – maybe switch up your playlist every other week allowing you to freshen up your music and keep your playlist fun will help.



5 – Have a programme

Keep to your programme! Especially as the gym is busier in January, a lot of equipment will be used and it could be harder to just pop onto anything you’re thinking of going on. Structuring a programme to follow, whether this is just what areas of the body to workout and for how long, it will really help you keep to your workout routine.



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