Keeping your mind and body healthy5 Mar

Keeping your mind and body healthy

We want to help you with both your physical and mental health! Understanding that both of these work together to help you live a healthy life is one step; but how can you improve them?

Any kind of physical activity can really benefit your wellbeing! Something as simple as a 10-minute power walk can help increase mental awareness, energy and positivity – think of what could happen after a short workout!. Your physical and mental wellbeing go hand-in-hand, and improving one can often lead to improvements in the other!

Here are 5 reasons WHY exercise can keep both your mind and body healthy!

Loss of sleep can be caused by anything; most of the time an increase in stress or other mental stimulation can affect your sleep, mood and so much more. Focusing on increasing your sleep, especially as we still power through lockdown, can not only increase your physical health but your mental health too.

Exercise is known to release endorphins, and with the way things are at the minute, the more endorphins you can release, the better! Our fantastic instructors have incredible workouts over on our YouTube channel for you to enjoy in your own time!

Feeling happier in yourself can be tricky at the best of times, and during lockdown, it’s more difficult than ever. Whether you’re trying to manage stress or anxiety, or just boost your self-esteem and feel more confident, regular workouts will undoubtedly help.

Connecting with people is also super difficult at the moment! Soon meeting up with friends outside will be part of our lives again – so when we can safely do this, take it as the perfect opportunity to work out together in a park or enjoy long walks together. As the weather gets warmer, find new and fun ways to connect at a safe distance and get your body moving.

Feeling guilty if we miss a day of exercise can take over your mind! Don’t worry if you planned on 2 workouts for the week and only finished 1; creating a habit takes time, so recognise that it may take more than a week for you to keep your physical activity up. Build it into your routine, not necessarily taking time out of your day to exercise, but see how you can add that extra bit of exercise into your day like walking to the shop instead of driving!

Mind UK has some fantastic ways to get moving, watch their video here to find out what you could add to your day!

At Brio, we want to focus on mental health throughout March and help you out! Throughout this month, we will be checking in with our fantastic customers, finding out what you are up to, what new workouts you’re taking part in and more to help with your mental and physical health. We are running competitions throughout this month with prizes of FREE annual Headspace memberships. If this is something you want to take part in, keep an eye out on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

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