What membership type is the WorkFit discount available on?

The WorkFit discount can only apply to the Premier membership. It can’t be used in conjunction with the Swim, Junior, Local or Concessionary Membership types.

Do I need to show proof of employment to join?

Yes, we just ask that you bring a payslip with you when you sign up/visit the centre after signing up online.

What if my company is on your WorkFit list but I’m already a Brio Member?

Simply pop into reception and fill out a Membership Update form to get moved to the WorkFit membership. Don’t forget your proof of employment!

Can my family members join too?

Yes, family members aged 18 and over living in the same household.

How can they join?

They can sign up in centre, you just need to accompany them and bring proof of employment so they can receive a discount. Family members can still join on the WorkFit scheme even if the employee doesn’t have a membership personally!

Is there a contract period?

Yes, there’s a 6-month minimum contract.

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