Poached Eggs & Prosecco – A Personal Training Journey!15 Apr

Poached Eggs & Prosecco – A Personal Training Journey!

Check out Rebecca’s fabulous blog about her journey to lose weight by taking PT sessions!

As you may know, we recently launched Personal Training at several Brio Leisure centres. One of our new clients, Rebecca, has kindly started chronicling her new fitness journey and we thought it was a great way to show just how big an impact a personal trainer can have on your life!.

It’s a familiar tale beginning with diets and exercise routines that never stuck, before Rebecca decided she’d do something different this time, and signed up for PT sessions with Lydia! It’s a funny, interesting read and we’re sure it’s something many of you will relate to!

Here’s a few choice quotes from her blog to give you an idea of the sort of thing you’re in for!

Rebecca’s blog is called Poached Egg’s and Prosecco, and it’s a fantastic read so we’d love for you to follow it and join her on her fitness journey. There is some strong language in the blog – so please be aware of this before you click through! You can read the blog in full here, and she’s also on Facebook so be sure to give her page a ‘like’!

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