Lift like a girl!25 Dec

Lift like a girl!

Weight training isn’t just great for guys!

Resistance training is generally seen as something women shouldn’t be doing, as it’ll make them bulky and muscly. However, that’s simply not true – ladies, if you want to look lean, lose weight and feel healthier then pick up some weights when you’re next at the gym! There’s loads of reasons why weights training is beneficial to women as well as men, here are some of the best:

Drop a Dress Size or Two

Training with weights creates lean muscle tissue, which in turn heightens your metabolism. These brand new muscles are going to take more calories to maintain, so your body will burn calories while you’re resting as well as when you’re working out! This is known as the afterburn effect, and is particularly helpful for those of middle age, as it can help combat the metabolic slowdown that usually happens at this time in life. So, the secret to keeping off the extra unwanted pounds is not to just eat less, but to add in resistance training.

Lean, Not Bulky

Loads of women think that if they lift weights, they’ll end up looking like a Mr Universe contestant. That’s not true though, as the majority of women are genetically incapable of building large muscles! You’ll develop some added muscle tissue, but it’ll be lean muscle tissue that will boost your metabolism and give you a really defined body shape.

Super Strength

It can be exhausting picking up and playing with the kids, lugging shopping around town, and doing other daily activities. Increasing your strength will make life so much easier, and mean you can do even more with your day!

Health Benefits

Resistance training can have loads of health benefits. It can decrease your risk of osteoporosis, heart disease, diabetes, protect against joint and ligament injuries, and even fight depression by boosting your positive attitude. It’s like the Superman of workouts!

So ladies, give weights a chance! Work them into your next gym session, or if you’d rather try them outside of the gym then just check out our fitness class timetables and find your nearest Body Pump class.

Body Pump is a motivating workout led by highly skilled instructors, combining high repetition weight training with aerobic conditioning. It will tone, strengthen and condition your whole body using barbells and adjustable weights.

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