How to work from home effectively!25 Mar

How to work from home effectively!

Being in lockdown means a lot of us will be working from home! Whether you’re used to this or struggling to get to grasp with the idea of working from home, here are some tips on how you can get the most out of this.

Get started early

Knowing that you’re working from home and that it’s only down a couple of steps to get to your office can increase the temptation of sleeping in! Keep yourself motivated by starting early, you don’t have the extra commute to work, but this doesn’t mean you can’t start at the same time or earlier. Set up a to-do list and get going!


Choose a dedicated workspace

Creating an area where you work will help you keep you in the routine of work, as well as separating your workplace from your home (which can be extremely tricky when you’re working from home). Make sure it’s clean and tidy, and there’s enough space for you to work effectively.


Structure the day

Write down a short structure of the day, something that can keep you busy but can be adapted if needed. Having something to refer back to can help you stay on top of all your work as well as in the right mindset!


Pretend that you’re going to the office

Making that clear difference between home life and work-life is even harder when your work is suddenly at home! Mentally making some decisions can help you differentiate this – set an alarm so you get up on time and make a coffee to have while you read your emails. Just try and do everything you would be doing at work!


Keep connected

Staying in isolation can increase the lack of human contact you get; keeping connected with work colleagues can help you feel less lonely. Schedule meetings regularly, and even have someone on in the background to make it feel like you’re still working together.


Take breaks

Take short breaks often! Just getting up and having a quick walk around the house can give you that little time away from the computer and ready to carry on working, even doing a 10 minutes workout in the garden can give you fresh air and stimulate your mind.


Pick a time to finish

We can be tempted to keep in the loop once we finish work, whether it’s continually checking emails or trying to get a job done. You need to relax and take time away from work – just like you would do normally! Make sure you have a clear time you’re signing off, and that your colleagues know this and can help you sign off.



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