How can you WIN in the June Challenge !16 Jun

How can you WIN in the June Challenge !

We’ve got a new workout challenge over on our Brio App! Head over to the app to join the challenge and start tracking your way to 20 hours of exercise for June! With the days getting sunnier, you can take advantage of the early mornings and start getting those steps in for the new June Challenge!


Getting 20 hours of exercise this June whether it be cycling to work or taking a family hike at the weekend, it all adds up and will put you in the draw to win a £50 ASOS voucher! If you are stuck for ideas on how to hit 20hrs of exercise here are some tips.

1. Daily Walks

Incorporating a daily walk into your week can be a great way to get some extra vitamin D and a perfect low-impact exercise for those in recovery, why not grab a work colleague and go for a lunch walk together and soak up that sun!


2. Gym at lunch

If you want to beat that 3 pm slump why not try working out on your lunch break! You’ll come back feeling more productive and revitalised, our high-impact sessions are over in just 30 mins so plenty of time to grab a bite on your way back to the office! Check out our lunchtime workout blog for more ideas on how to fit it in.


3. Try out a gym class after work

We run after-work classes throughout the week and our fitness class timetable has something to suit everyone, whether it’s escaping for some “me” time with a yoga or Pilates class, kicking away the day in a BODYCOMBAT class, or throwing some shapes and having heaps of fun in a Zumba class. It’s a great way to get some steps in and meet new people!


4. Just have fun!

Grab some mates and have some fun in a Brio Dance class or a daily walk to catch up! Exercise doesn’t have to be serious it’s all about letting loose and moving more…







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