Get fit with friends in 2017!17 Jan

Get fit with friends in 2017!

It’s no secret that some people find exercising a bit of a slog – the gym can get lonely, some people find fitness classes a daunting prospect, and try as you might, you need at least two people for a game of Badminton! That’s why the guy team over at Brio Leisure want to make 2017 the year that you find a workout buddy!

Sometimes two is just better than one, and together with a friend your workouts will be more efficient, you’ll be more adventurous, and you’ll have a lot of fun too! So, here’s a few top reasons why you should be working out with friends in 2017:

Try something new!

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut when working out, especially when you’re finally comfortable with your routine. Having a friend with you means you’re more likely to encourage each other to try something different. We run over 450 weekly fitness classes, including the brand new Les Mills BODYATTACK, so there’s plenty to choose from, and you may finding something new you love!

Be accountable!

There’s no skipping a workout when you’ve got a friend relying on you! Lydia, our Gym Lead at Winsford Lifestyle Centre, recommends that you make plans ahead of time.

“Set times and days for your workouts, and stick to them! Nobody wants to be the friend that cancels, so you’re far more likely to actually stick to these sessions.”

Get motivated!

As well as keeping you accountable, having a friend around can provide some extra motivation. Whether it’s encouraging each other in the gym, or even a bit of friendly competition on the Squash court, you’ll find it easier to keep active!

If you want results, then check out your local Brio centre. You may have read about teacher Tim Lee, who lost 12 stone working out at Northwich Memorial Court, to which he credits the staff at the centre. “The Brio Leisure instructors were friendly and welcoming. There were people of all ages, sizes and abilities. Instantly my fear was gone – the environment was perfect and I don’t think anyone else could have made me feel as comfortable.”

All of our fitness classes are included in our Premier membership, along with swimming, fitness classes, racquet sports and more, and by picking up an Annual Membership you’ll be getting 12 months for the price of 10! So go on, let’s get 2017 off to a healthy start!

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