Find out which fitness gif you are!5 Jan

Find out which fitness gif you are!

January is the month where we all head back to the gym – we thought it would be fun to find out which gym guy you are!

1 – The working out to eat out

Christmas has been a month of eating – so why should it stop there? Going to the gym will mean the more you work out the more you can eat!

2 – The turning up

You’ve made it into the gym – that’s all you needed. Now you can go home and relax!

3 – The drag a friend along

You didn’t want to work out alone, so you brought a friend who has no clue what to do!

4 – The karaoke singer

You have the BEST workout playlist, and you let everyone know by singing along out loud

5 – The selfie snappers

You’ve worked hard for the body and you want everyone to know!

These are all fun gifs and we always want you feel at home at our gyms! If you’re struggling with nutrition, take a look at some of our PTs that would love to help you! If you’re unsure what to do in the gym, Focus, Move, Evolve is a free programme that can help you focus on finding the perfect equipment for you. And if you want something to enjoy with a friend – our fitness classes are super fun !

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