Find out about the latest work by the Brio Macmillan Team!26 Jul

Find out about the latest work by the Brio Macmillan Team!

Our Brio Macmillan Cancer Support Team helps examine the day-to-day difficulties many cancer survivors and patients face following medical treatments. In West Cheshire, if you are living with cancer you can now take part in our ‘recovery package’ which is designed to help improve your quality of life!

We work with Macmillan professionals, who will help you out with one-to-one sessions that are personal to you, featuring a simple question and answer format. In confidential sessions you can talk to Macmillan about any concerns you have covering financial difficulties, mental and physical health support and much more.

We want this approach to improve your recovery if diagnosed with cancer and help with your future health and wellbeing.

Our Macmillan Cancer Support Project Manager, Andrew Makin, wants to help people not just through surviving cancer but through the time after their treatment too. He describes this Recovery Package as a personalised plan, something to ‘help people manage the impact of their cancer’; making the support after your treatment just as important as it is throughout treatment.

Teresa Owen has been part of this programme since being diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2014 and wants people to know that there is support out there for those who need it. It’s tailored to your needs and gives you the support you need when you don’t have professionals or medical staff around you.

It’s simple to get started; just answer a quick questionnaire with a Macmillan professional helping to highlight issues in your personal life that might be impacting your physical and mental health. From this a personal plan is developed, all tailored to you and your needs!

Teresa’s plan revolved around exercise and increasing her levels of activity, as it can help reduce the risk of certain cancers from returning as recent medical research shows. She went to a Macmillan Health and Wellbeing event that showed research that the risk of re-occurrence in bowel cancer patients could be reduced as much as 50% if they exercised regularly.

Teresa took this on and now exercises three times a week! She’s involved in Zumba classes and goes to the gym at Ellesmere Port Sports Village and Northgate Arena, and exercise has got her feeling a lot healthier. Despite all this exercise Teresa never stops worrying about the cancer returning but is doing everything she can to prevent it and wishes she had had the access to this programme at the beginning.

Our relationship with Macmillan means patients who want to and need to access free health and wellbeing session can do across all our centres in West Cheshire. All you have to do is sign up for the programme through the Macmillan team in any of our centres!

For more information on the care plans, you can speak to the Macmillan Team at Brio by emailing or head to over to our Macmillan Partnership page for more information.

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