Everything you need to know about Changing Places toilets!9 Aug

Everything you need to know about Changing Places toilets!

Changing Places toilets make Ellesmere Port Sports Village, Northwich Memorial Court and Winsford Lifestyle Centre more accessible to all!

The BBC has recently reported that as many as 250,000 people in the UK require access to Changing Places toilets, which are designed for people with disabilities. We’re proud to say that both Northwich Memorial Court and Ellesmere Port Sports Village are home to Changing Places, of which there are only around 1,000 in the entire country!

What is a Changing Place?

Changing Places are toilet spaces designed for those with disabilities and there are lots of different situations where these facilities are needed. Some people with physical disabilities are unable to use a standard accessible toilet due to lacking the right equipment, such as a hoist system for getting on and off the toilet. Others with multiple learning difficulties might need support from one or two carers and where standard toilets lack the space for the carers to assist, Changing Places have ample room and are also equipped with changing tables to help have their continence pads changed.

Changing Places toilets have all of these extra features to ensure that anyone can comfortably and safely go to the toilet. These include:

They also have additional features to ensure they’re clean and safe environments for everyone using them.

These toilets aren’t just for Brio customers either. As they’re such vital facilities, anyone can make use of them! We aim to be as inclusive as possible here at Brio, and while not all of our centres have Changing Places yet, we’re always looking for funding to help cover the costs of getting them installed.

You can find out more information about Changing Places, their facilities and their locations on their website.

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