Be enchanted this October by the Vienna Festival Ballet!12 Sep

Be enchanted this October by the Vienna Festival Ballet!

We’re ecstatic to present an enchanting performance of Sleeping Beauty from the Vienna Festival Ballet to you this October!

The Vienna Festival Ballet was founded in 1980 by Peter Mallek (Artistic Director), and travel all over the UK and further afield to showcase the wonderful world of ballet. They will be performing at Northwich Memorial Court on October 2nd, so get ready for this beautiful show arriving very soon!

Sleeping Beauty is a much loved classic fairy tale that tells the story of Princess Aurora who is cast under the spell of the wicked Fairy Carbosse and falls asleep for one hundred years, only to be awoken by her true love’s kiss. If you don’t know the whole story we won’t give too much away, but it’s set to be an amazing performance that is sure to leave the audience in awe! Peter Mallek has worked on numerous sensational shows over the years, and can’t wait to show off this fantastic production at Northwich Memorial Court:

‘Vienna Festival Ballet is committed to bringing the greatest classical ballets to the widest audience. We are delighted to be returning to the Northwich Memorial Court Theatre, each visit more and more people come to experience what we have to offer. Exquisite and lavish handmade costumes, beautiful sets which project colour and vitality to enhance the workings of the dancers, choreographer and the composer. Our productions have all the elegance and extravagance associated with the best of ballet, and of course some of the best ballet dancers from around the world.’

Vienna Festival Ballet aims to provide the great classical ballets to theatres nationwide for audiences of all ages and Sleeping Beauty is no exception. Set to Tchaikovsky’s spectacular score, the music and dance are beautifully entwined to elegantly portray the story, filled with romance, drama and magical choreography, so there’s something for everyone!

Make sure you get your tickets online here!

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