The D-Day Darlings are coming to Ellesmere Port Civic Hall!4 Oct

The D-Day Darlings are coming to Ellesmere Port Civic Hall!

Britain’s Got Talent finalists The D-Day Darlings are taking to the stage at Ellesmere Port Civic Hall on Sunday 14 October, we had a chat with Katie from the group about their time on the show, their new album and of course coming to Brio!

Hi Katie, thank you so much for having a chat with us! First of all, we have to ask what was your experience on Britain’s Got Talent like?

It was amazing! It was surreal when we were there because we have watched Britain’s Got Talent for years on the sofa, so actually being there and just seeing the judges in front of you and asking you questions, felt like an out of body experience! It was amazing, the opportunity we had and the feedback we had from the judges and their positive response they had to us was brilliant.

We loved watching you on Britain’s Got Talent! After the show you’ve been signed by Sony and doing loads of performances, what’s it been like?

It’s been mad! The minute Britain’s Got Talent stopped it was all go, and we had all the deals on the table like Sony, other massive organisations and events bookers, and that’s surreal as well! We started from nothing really, just going out singing for veterans and singing at birthday parties. We started it all ourselves, and to get to the stage now where we are signed by Sony and we’ve got all these offers on the table, again it’s all just surreal.

Congratulations on your record deal! Can you tell us a bit about your album?

The album is called I’ll Remember You, which is the title track and it’s an original song I wrote with Tim Woodcock who’s producing the album. The songs are the most popular World War 1 and World War 2 songs, in dedication to 100 years of remembrance. We didn’t just want to make the usual World War 2 popular songs, we wanted to touch on World War 1 as well, for this year’s celebrations. But it’s basically reimagined arrangements of those songs. It doesn’t sound too traditional, it’s modern, and it’s a fresh new look to put the songs and their whole message into the new generation, that was our whole thought behind the album.

Is it hard to keep the shows nostalgic, but bring them to a new, wider, modern audience?

I think people want more now, they want a better quality, but also as well vintage and revival is now very popular and modern anyway. I think with the current trends and the revival of fashion and music, people like Michael Bublé and Jamie Cullum are bringing these songs to life. It is very current and it is very trendy, so I think it’s what people want now, they want a modern, fresh look on those vintage revival eras. We’re so pleased that with The D-Day Darlings and with Revival Live UK who are the company that produce it, we’ve got that platform now.

It’s so nice that you’re able to introduce these songs to people who may have never heard of them before! You’re with us on Sunday 14 October with The Songs That Won the War, are you excited to come to Ellesmere Port Civic Hall?

We can’t wait! We love it up there, we have a lovely relationship with the Brio Entertainment team and we’ve both got the same vision which is great. We’re passionate about bringing this nostalgic music to a wider audience, and making it fresh and modern. It’s a really nice family atmosphere at the Civic Hall, that’s exactly what The D-Day Darlings is, it’s for family and we’re really looking forward to singing for the people of Ellesmere Port.

We can’t wait! You’re back with us in December too!

Yes we’ve got Hooray For Hollywood which is Revival Live UK’s 1920s Golden Age of Hollywood musical, it’s reviving that music and bringing it to a modern audience. Hooray For Hollywood is a personal favourite of ours!

Thanks so much Katie! Good luck with the album and we can’t wait to see you soon!

If you book The D-Day Darlings – The Songs That Won the War and Hooray For Hollywood together you get 20% off! Get your tickets here.

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