Bottoms up for Barre workout2 Feb

Bottoms up for Barre workout

Winsford women, unhappy with the size of their bottoms, are flocking to a new exercise class made popular by pop superstar Madonna.

Booty Barre is a unique mix of dance, Pilates and yoga, designed to tackle a modern day phenomenon dubbed ‘Desk Derriere’. It’s the phrase commonly used to explain the reasons why buttocks are expanding across the UK.

Former professional dancer and fitness instructor Natasha Gillan says the classes at Winsford Lifestyle Centre are attracting women aged 18 to 80.

“Women are prone to develop fat around their hips and bottoms, while men tend to put weight on around their waists.

“If you spend long periods of the day at the office, sat at a desk, like many thousands of women in this country then research shows you are twice as likely to develop fat cells and store fat around your bottom. You are also more likely to see the width of your bottom increase and flatten, hence the term Desk Derriere,” said Natasha.

Poor diet and inactivity also contribute to the condition but the specific types of exercise used in Brio Leisure’s Booty Barre can help by targeting fat cells in these hard to reach areas.

“Booty Barre may have a celebrity following in America but don’t be put off by the name. The class mixes gentle dance, yoga and Pilates movements and incorporates the barre, normally used as a support during ballet exercises. It’s becoming a favourite with a wide range of women in Mid Cheshire regardless of their age, because they say they can feel the results immediately.

“It’s a fun, energetic, workout that also tones the whole body as well as the bottom,” added Natasha.

Classes are currently being held on Monday morning and Thursday evening at Winsford Lifestyle Centre. Take a look at the video below to see the class in action!

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