Beat the Exam Season Stress!17 May

Beat the Exam Season Stress!

Exam period is in full swing, and with it comes hordes of stressed-out teenagers up and down the country.

Obviously, we don’t want that! Not only is it unpleasant for them and the people around them, but it can have a knock-on effect on their exam results and even their mental health. There are loads of ways to de-stress, but few of them are as effective or as fun as working out! Whether that’s a game of squash or badminton with mates, running your worries away on the treadmill, or enjoying the social aspect of our fitness classes, working out is guaranteed to leave you feeling healthier and happier!

Still not convinced? Here are a few more facts to get you in the mood, and don’t forget to grab a FREE 7-day pass now so you can try us out!

Exercise will make you smile!

People who exercise every day reduce their risk of stress and anxiety levels by more than 40%, which is perfect for exam time! Exercise improves the body’s use of oxygen and blood flow having a direct effect on your brain, producing more of those feel-good endorphins and relieving your stresses.

Get your brain going!

Being active improves thinking and memory. Everyone knows that the biggest exam struggle is remembering key information, names, dates, formulas etc – keep active and see what a difference it could make! You’ll be remembering all those long equations in no time.

Be confident!

Working out and staying fit boosts your self-esteem! Getting in some workouts throughout your exams and revision sessions could boost your confidence in the exams, and when you’re feeling confident it’ll show in your work.

Take a break!

Of course, studying is a priority during this time, but cramming in too much can only lead to more stress that you don’t need! Fill your breaks with some exercise to spread your time out and give you some headspace.

Got any tips of your own? Let us know in the comments below!

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