5 reasons to ditch your blankets and go to the gym this winter!1 Nov

5 reasons to ditch your blankets and go to the gym this winter!

Isn’t it dreadful waking up with the realisation that you have to go to the gym? Especially when it’s dark outside, and your bed sounds more comfortable than running on a treadmill.

It’s hard but with these 5 reasons on why working out in the winter is the best thing for you – you’ll want to be there every day!

1: To keep warm!

You’re never going to get warm if you don’t move around – so heading to the gym or pool is a great way to start your day and get your heart racing! If the gym isn’t for you, jump into a class like Clubbercise to dance your way into the week with a friend.



2: Eat all the food you want and not feel guilty!

Christmas dinner has to be one the of the biggest highlights of this season, right? Jumping into the gym now can help you feel less guilty about having 5 courses on Christmas Day! To be fair, it’s Christmas so nobody should feel guilty about overindulging, but it’s easy to slip into that mindset, so getting some exercise now can help counter that!



3: Keeping healthy keeps your immune system healthy.

‘Tis the season for getting ill, along with snow comes colds and fevers. With exercise, you can keep your immune system healthy, and your body fit too!



4: The gym is quiet!

With the winter weather coming in, fewer people want to go out! The gym will be a lot quieter, so make use of the peaceful gym and being able to use all of the equipment.



5: It gives you extra energy.

Enjoy that extra energy boost after working out! Helping you to kickstart your day or running for those Boxing Day deals.



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