The 5 people you DON’T want to see at the gym!30 Nov

The 5 people you DON’T want to see at the gym!

While you’re unlikely to ever be lucky enough to get the entire gym to yourself, usually it’s not so bad sharing the space with other people. However, we know there are a few types of people that get on your nerves, so these are the 5 that you’ll definitely want to avoid!

The time wasters

We know that it’s important to take a short break between sets, but if you’re sat there for 20 minutes, Tweeting or swiping through Tinder, then you’re doing it wrong! Everyone’s at the gym for the same reason – to work out, so these people wasting time on the machines are a major annoyance!

The models

That girl with the full face of makeup and perfectly styled hair either isn’t planning on working up a sweat, or is going to have one filthy towel at the end of her workout. Either way, avoid!

The starer

This one’s a bit creepy… Especially if you accidentally make eye contact. You can’t help staring at them (because they’re staring at you), and you end up in an unplanned staring competition with no idea when it’s going to end! Nobody wants to be stared at while working out!

The posers

Except for these guys, actually! They’re far more interested in taking selfies and tagging themselves at the gym, than actually doing some exercise, because posing for the perfect photo obviously takes priority over actually working out.

The grunters and clangers

Before we start, we’re not talking about the Clangers you’re probably thinking of (we’d actually love to see them in our gyms). We’re talking about the noisy people that grunt far too loudly and clang their weights on the ground when they drop them. A bit of noise is understandable, especially if you’re pushing yourself, but some people just take it too far. And if you’re strong enough to pick the weights up, you should be strong enough to put them down in a controlled manner!

…and breathe. We feel better now, how about you?

Speaking of the gym, we’re actually quite quiet in December compared to the rest of the year, so you’ll probably see less of these people. If you sign up now you’ll just have to pay £10 for the rest of the year – no special terms, just our regular old membership terms and conditions, and it’s available on any monthly membership, so end the year on an exercise-fuelled high!

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