4 things to try giving up for Lent!7 Mar

4 things to try giving up for Lent!

Lent is in full swing, are you taking part?

If not, then there’s still time! It’s a great twist on the New Year resolutions we all attempt, and far more doable as it’s only for 40 days and nights – are you up for the challenge?

Takeaway food

We usually opt for this instead of cooking because it’s cheap and easy, especially with Just Eat or Deliveroo. A few taps and before you know it your takeaway is at the door! You don’t need to give these up completely as it’s a great Friday night treat – but ease yourself in with just 40 days and see what a difference it makes to your health (and your wallet!)

Give up alcohol or smoking

They say it takes 21 days to kick a habit, so 40 days will surely do the trick! Whether you’re wanting to give up completely or cut down this a great opportunity. If you regularly smoke and/or drink alcohol you notice changes pretty quickly and in the long run, this change can vastly improve your mental health.

Social Media

The power of social media is amazing but sometimes you may feel like you need a little break! Maybe try deleting the apps for the duration of Lent and spend more of that time reading or socialising with friends or family – free your mind from technology!

Meat or dairy

We all know that being vegetarian or vegan is a growing trend with more and more people cutting meat and dairy out of their diets. If you have an interest in a nutritional change why not try this for 40 days? No pressure to give up, see how you get on and you may actually like it!

Those are our 4 ideas, but what are you giving up for Lent this year?

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