4 jobs that’ll show off your WorkFit body!1 Apr

4 jobs that’ll show off your WorkFit body!

You’ll look and feel fab in these!

Our WorkFit corporate memberships offer a discount for over 500 companies so that you can get fit for less! That means you, your workmates and your family members can enjoy full access to Brio centres for just £26.00 per month!

If you’ve been working hard in the gym or squeezing in as many classes per week as possible, you’ll want to show off your new WorkFit body, and with these 4 jobs you’ll be able to do just that!

The Incredible Hulk


If you had to do the Incredible Hulk’s job, you’d really have to put in the time at the gym to rock those purple shorts. It’s not easy being green, and you want everyone to know that!

Olympic Gymnast


Some serious training is put in for that sheer flexibility and strength, enabling gymnasts to flip, stretch and bounce their way to those Olympic medals!

Exotic Dancer


Dancing all night long may seem easy and fun on your work night out, but imagine doing that full time! When you look and feel that good, every outfit will show it off.

Simon Cowell Impersonator


Tight trousers and a low-buttoned white shirt. You’re guaranteed to leave an impression if you dress like Simon!

Don’t forget to check out the list of companies on WorkFit so can you get a discount off your Brio membership! Don’t worry if your company isn’t on the list, all you need is 10 people from your company and they can join WorkFit for FREE, just contact our Corporate Sales Team to get started

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