Why should you record your fitness journey?16 Sep

Why should you record your fitness journey?

Are you struggling to get back into fitness? Recording your fitness journey can be an incredible way to not only keep you motivated but help to show how far you’ve come along and push you out of your comfort zone.

Why should you record your fitness journey?

Keeping a record of the journey you’re going on has so many benefits! Creating a plan of action and sticking to this is the first step to success; check out our blog on creating the ultimate fitness plan, or if you’re struggling to fit in a workout as we head more towards normality click here! Keeping on track to your goals is as important as setting those goals in the first place, trying to keep yourself motivated and keep up the routine is super tricky when you’re unsure about whether you feel comfortable heading to the gym, pool and classes or not. Here is how you can develop habits quickly, removing temptations, repeating your new daily routine and more can help you keep up your routine. If you want to workout from home, don’t forget we have an incredible selection of fitness classes on our YouTube channel with some familiar faces!

Workout what exercises are helping you and which aren’t; don’t worry if you feel like you’re better jogging than cycling or vice versa, you can often find that there are specific exercises that you are better at and see more results from.

Tracking your progress:

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