How you can develop a new habit with 5 simple steps!13 Feb

How you can develop a new habit with 5 simple steps!

How many of you have kept up with your New Year resolutions? It can be so tricky to not let it go and push yourself to carry on.

Read on to find out our 5 steps on developing a new habit!

  1. Putting a reminder on your phone can help trigger a memory to go and workout at the gym! Something as simple as this can keep you motivated and heading back to the gym or to a class.
  2. Alongside this, repeating your new habit daily helps form the habit a lot better than missing a couple of days out. Even if you can’t head to the gym every day, grab a yoga mat at home and try numerous exercises out to keep your mindset of working out at a certain time.
  3. Remove temptation can help clear your mind from what you would rather be doing; replacing what would have tempted you before with something you need to help build your habit can help with this too!
  4. Write down your new habit! Seeing what you are aiming for and reading this daily will help you focus on your goals and clear your mind.
  5. Finally, remember that it takes time to develop a habit. It takes from 3 – 4 weeks to develop it – so keep pushing yourself!

These can all be used for creating or getting out of other habits too – it can be anything from fitness to stop smoking!

If you’re looking to find ways to kickstart your fitness journey, don’t miss out on Focus Move Evolve our FREE personalised programme that will give you the support and exercises you need. On the other hand, if you’re looking at ways to stop smoking or lose weight safely, Cheshire Change Hub can support you throughout this process.

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