How can you fit a 30 minutes workout into your busy day?20 Jan

How can you fit a 30 minutes workout into your busy day?

We can all struggle juggling work life, family life and social life without having to think about whether you have time to go to the gym!

Despite struggling to this, you can make small changes in your day or routine to help introduce just 30 minutes of exercise.

  1. Set your alarm for 30 minutes earlier! Waking up earlier doesn’t mean you can chill for longer – use those extra minutes to get everything sorted for the day before completing a mini-workout. Anything from a short jog to a small yoga session can not only wake you up, but set you up in a good mood for the day!
  2. Changing how you commute to work can add a couple of minutes of exercise into your day. From cycling to walking to parking just that little bit further away can help warm your body up and wake your brain up for work.
  3. Make the most out of your lunch break! Enjoy a relaxing jog between work tasks, or head to the treadmill for some time to yourself. Using your lunch break will help you relax in work and let out any of the stress of the day.
  4. You don’t need to have crazy workouts to get fit – something as simple as a brisk walk can give you the exercise you need. If you’re looking for 30 minutes of fresh air, head out of the house for a quick walk around! Just a few minutes of exercise can help you relax and not dread going back home to a pile of chores.
  5. Workout at home if you can’t find the time to get to the gym! Working out at home can be so simple; using a yoga mat, you can watch online workout videos of exercises that you would be doing at the gym. It might not be what you want to do – but while you can’t find the time to go to the gym, it’s still adding exercise into your daily life.
  6. What do you do when catching up on your favourite TV shows? Start including mini-workouts as you watch TV, whether with an exercise ball, yoga mat or weights you can add exercise into your day!

Start adding a couple of these six tips into your life to add a little exercise into your day! You can start feeling more relaxed as you let out the stresses of life while working out.

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