What does your autumn night say about your fitness?19 Oct

What does your autumn night say about your fitness?

Autumn brings the cold crips days, nights in, pumpkin picking and more!

But what does your normal autumn evening say about you? We compiled some of our go to autumn nights and paired them with some fun fitness classes!

Movie Night

Movie nights with friends, family and loved ones are the best in autumn! Cosy under blankets with piles of popcorn and fuzzy socks, the perfect night in. If you’re one for a movie marathon, try out Clubbercise which pairs your favourite 90s tunes with a boogie with friends, or chill and relax with Yoga!

Autumn Walks

Crunchy leaves and dog walks are the perfect pairing, what better way to relax after a day of work! Aqua Jog would bring your outdoor exercise inside with extra challenges, or try out Fitness Pilates which brings more cardio to the usual Pilates!

Video Games

Competing with friends and family is a fantastic way to not only enjoy a night in, but build up relationships! Some of our favourite fitness classes that offer a side of competing are FloatFit HIIT and Vibe Cycle – trying to get your friend in the water instead of on the float is a challenge or compete against each other in vibe cycle!

Eating with friends

Nothing is better than an incredible meal and catch up with friends or work colleagues. Bring some exercise to your time together with these fitness classes! Aqua Zumba or BODYATTACK are two super fun classes that test your cardio and are perfect for fun with work colleagues!

Bike Rides

Bike rides are such a great way of getting around, dodging traffic and getting in your fitness! Try some super fun cycle classes like Vibe Cycle or Brio Cycle which can combine your bike ride if the weather isn’t the best!

Pumpkin Picking

A relaxing and fun pastime of picking pumpkins with friends and family is the best autumn activity! Brio Kettlebells and Tai Chi don’t offer the same reward of the perfect pumpkin, but give you a fun and chill way to workout!

Let us know what classes you get up to!

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