Low-impact exercises to try out if you’re injured or getting older!10 Jul

Low-impact exercises to try out if you’re injured or getting older!

When you’re injured you can automatically write off exercise; if you pick the wrong activity then you could end up hurting yourself further! The same is true when you’re growing older too. You can feel more tired, less energetic and certain exercises can cause stress on your muscles and joints.

You don’t need to stop exercising completely though! Here are some great, low impact exercises and classes that can help you build up strength and energy!

Aqua Classes:

Aqua classes are a great way for you to get back into exercising if you’re injured or getting older. These low impact classes are great because the water ensures there’s no impact on your joints, meaning you get a top workout with none of the pain in your knees and ankles the next day. At Brio we offer Aqua Jog and Aqua Dance, two classes that are low-impact and will get your body working! Take a look at our timetables to find more Aqua classes!

Gym Equipment:

Gyms can often be scary when you’re injured because you don’t want to use anything that could cause another injury. This can also be tricky as you get older too; you don’t want to risk trying new exercises that could cause injuries. That said, there are still plenty of low impact ways to work out in the gym!

Walking on a treadmill is a great way to get your heart beating and building up stamina, even if it isn’t on an incline you will be getting your body working! This is really low-impact and won’t get you injured. Likewise, cycling is similarly great, just find your own pace and enjoy a leisurely ride. Using step machines can help with stamina too, this is a little higher impact but still moderately low; you can stop whenever you want, and it really gets your heart going!


Yoga and Pilates are amazing low impact classes that push your body without you feeling too much of a burn. They help with your flexibility without pushing your joints too much and are great for helping with injury and when you’re older. Tai Chi is also a great class as it gets you into a martial art that’s low impact and really helps with balance and so much more!

For when you’re getting older dancing is a great way to enjoy yourself as well as working your body. Why not try out Clubbercise or Zumba and bring friends along to enjoy a great class to start or end your day!

Find out more about the classes we offer here! And where you can go here!

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