Test your fitness against animals!4 Oct

Test your fitness against animals!

We want to celebrate World Animal Day with some fun and unusual workouts! Try out something new by looking through these animal inspired exercises, you might end up loving something you’ve never thought of trying before!

Warm Up:

Start in crab position, feet hip-distance apart, hips hovering 1 inch off ground, and arms behind back, fingers pointing away from body. Bend right arm to midline so hand pointed to face. Stretch arm over head to stretch down the right side of your body.

Start on all fours and push back into the downward dog position, move from here into the child pose by moving forward from the downward dog and bring knees down and push back onto feet with head between arms.


Scorpion reach is a variation on the usual alternating donkey kicks; start in a plank position and kick up your right leg at a right angle bend with a flat foot, bring it back down to the floor and swap legs!

Crap walks test your legs! Sit back into a squat and walk three steps to the left and then three to the right, doing this for 30 seconds will make you activate your core and strengthen your legs.

Test you core with bear crawls, keeping your body low in a plank position, bring your left leg and arm forwards and walk three steps forward alternating arms and legs before back again!

Trying these exercises in 3 rounds with each exercise for 30 seconds will really test your overall strength!

Let us know how you get on!

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