Love yourself this Valentine’s Day!6 Feb

Love yourself this Valentine’s Day!

Forget ‘the couple that works out together, stays together’ – this year we’re all about the self-love!

If you’re anything like the Brio Marketing team, you’ll already be sick of hearing about Valentine’s Day. Instead of worrying about looking good for someone else though, we think you should just focus on learning to love yourself instead! If you fancy going on a journey to self-care, here are a few ways to start:

Caring for you is caring for all!

Although it may be your nature to put others before yourself, you need to be feeling fit and well enough to devote yourself to your friends and family! Putting more focus on your own mental and physical wellbeing is not only good for you personally, but it’ll let you help and care for everyone else more easily too.

Drink your water

Not enough of us drink water! It’s a simple way to keep your body happy and healthy with minimal time and effort spent. Staying hydrated helps you feel full (reducing overeating) while improving your skin and making you feel more alert and full of energy. Not bad for drinking a few bottles of water a day, is it?

Reward all your senses

When you fancy something nice, you’ll treat yourself to a tasty treat, right? Why not treat all your senses the same way? Inhale some of your favourite smells, whether they be food, perfume or incense. Listen to your favourite music or sounds, change your bed sheets regularly and enjoy the sensation of getting into a fresh bed, take a look at photos and images that inspire you! Treat all of your senses regularly to remind yourself that you care.

Keep active

Staying fit will improve every aspect of your life. We know the gym isn’t for everyone though, which is why we’re proud to offer so many other ways to get active. A dip in the pool can be both invigorating and relaxing, at any time of the day. If you’d rather benefit from the social side of fitness, then any of our classes are perfect for exercising and meeting new people!

Take a look at everything we offer to find a way to keep active that suits you, and don’t forget – love yourself this Valentine’s Day <3

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