Get Up to fitness for National Get Up Day!1 Feb

Get Up to fitness for National Get Up Day!

National Get Up Day calls for some fun ideas to get you up and out!

We wanted to help you out with different ways to keep your fitness up – and what better way to start than on national get up day?!

1 – Don’t let food dictate you

Food is essential to fuel you! Yes, some foods will benefit you better than others, but allowing the last slice of cake to decide whether you’ve been ‘bad’ or ‘ruined’ your diet might leave you to sit on the sofa watching a new Netflix series, rather than heading out to the gym. Focus on what you have done that has benefited you – whether taking a walk instead of driving to the shops or trying out a new fitness class. Food and diet help lose weight and reach fitness goals but isn’t something to obsess over.

2 – Hold a plank

Planks are TOUGH, a simple but effective exercise! Setting yourself a minute plank a day could help increase your exercise routine by a minute, but even if you couldn’t head to the gym, just doing this exercise will add something to your day and make you feel fabulous from achieving the one minute plank.

3 – Set realistic goals

Set a goal for you to complete each week – are these two workouts a week or three? Something easy to start with that will get you up and out! It is the perfect way to implement a fitness routine, and why not jump on National get up day?

4 – Find a Friend

Friends are super supportive; not only will they hold you accountable, but they can be the best workout buddy! Why not find a friend to drag along to a class? Not only could this be an excellent way for you to see each other and socialise, but you can also plan a fitness class or workout that you do together each week and hold each other accountable for.

5 – HIIT

High-Intensity Interval Training is a type of exercise that tests all areas of your body; it’s a great workout to push you to your limits and can be as short as half an hour. Doing a quick HIIT workout, could be your workout of the day and could be over in 30 minutes – the perfect way to get up and out!


Let us know on our social media what you’re getting up to! Find our fitness classes, swim sessions and more here.

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