Boosting Community Health: Brio Wellbeing’s 2022/23 Success Story in Cheshire West & Chester17 Nov

Boosting Community Health: Brio Wellbeing’s 2022/23 Success Story in Cheshire West & Chester

Let’s take a look into Brio Wellbeing’s sensational year of 2022/23, where we sprinkled health and happiness across Cheshire West and Chester like confetti!

A Whopping £14.4 Million in Social Value! 🥳

Yes, you read that right! You, our amazing Brio community, contributed over £14.4 million in social value. That’s a lot of savings for the NHS, reduced crime levels and happier, healthier communities! We’re not just about fitness; we’re about bringing a wellness revolution!

Membership On the Rise! 🚀

With a stunning 20,569 members joining our ranks and 2.35 million visits, our centres were buzzing with energy. Plus, our ‘Learn to Swim’ programme made a splash with 5,400 children, making Brio the go-to place for health and wellbeing for everyone in the family.

Empowering Minds and Bodies ⚡

We’re not all about physical health; mental wellbeing is a huge part of what we do! Our team proudly now includes 8 Mindfulness Practitioners, and we’ve established 3 menopause cafes, because every stage of life deserves a high-five!

Over 6,000 Referrals to Our Programmes! 👍

Our programmes received over 6,000 referrals – that’s what we call community trust! We also saw a 28% increase in wellbeing scores from service entry to exit.

Weight Management and Smoking Cessation 🏋️‍♀️

Our weight management program saw 404 referrals with 46% achieving their goals. And our smoking cessation programme, which is all about getting people to quit smoking,  had a massive cessation rate of 59%. We’re turning health goals into real-life achievements. A huge well done to every single one of you!

Exercise, Falls Prevention, and Health Checks 🚴

We’re keeping our community active and safe, with significant achievements in exercise programmes and falls prevention. Plus, we completed 223 health checks, supporting people in our community to keep an eye on their health.

Long COVID Recovery and Mindfulness ❤️

Our Long COVID Recovery programme has made remarkable strides in improving physical and mental wellbeing, with an uptake rate of 72%. We also delivered a variety of mindfulness courses to over 50 staff members.

That’s just the snapshot of everything our Brio Wellbeing team have achieved this year. You can read the full Impact Report here.

Thank you, Cheshire West and Chester Council 🙏

Before we finish, we’d like to say a massive thank you to the Cheshire West and Chester Council. Without their continuous support of Brio, making such a positive difference to so many people in our community would not be possible.

So, there you have it! A year where Brio Wellbeing didn’t just walk the talk; we danced it! Join us in celebrating a healthier, happier community and let’s keep this going into next year! Feel free to read the full Brio Wellbeing Impact report below 👇

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