How can you start your fitness journey today?4 Jan

How can you start your fitness journey today?

January is the month of creating a new YOU – but how can you keep this up for the whole of 2022?

We want to support you and focus on bringing your goals into reality this year, here are our 5 top tips to creating a lifestyle that will improve your physical and mental health.

1 – Determine your Goals

The first thing before starting anything is establishing what you want out of it! Knowing what you want to achieve and monitoring it will increase your motivation keep going and push yourself further.

What do you want from your fitness goals? To improve your overall fitness, improve your lifestyle, overall health or something else? With our free focus, move, evolve programme you can not only do this and monitor it – but with extra support from our incredible gym instructors, you will have everything you need to reach your goals.

2 – Try a Fitness Class

If you’re looking to start your fitness journey, but haven’t tried a lot of the equipment, or heading to the gym looks and feels scary – a fitness class could be the perfect way for you to start! Test your whole body, try out new exercises and get to grips with equipment -fitness classes offer so much and can really help you start.

3 – Understand their will be set backs

Everything in life has set backs, so trying to start a new habit will be tough as well. Keep going and remember your goals, focusing on them will keep you motivated. Sometimes working out with a friend helps too, bringing someone along for accountability can help you keep up your new lifestyle and focus on building up the habit.

4 – Fitness isn’t just exercise

Many times you can feel that working out for hours will just help loose the weight, or create a new mindset. But focus on changing your whole lifestyle – not only eating different foods, but focus on how much you’re drinking, whether you could go on a walk after work rather than watching TV. All these add up to a new healthier lifestyle, remember your goal and focus on the areas of your life that you could adapt to help reach your goals faster.

5 – Celebrate Milestones

Pushing yourself to keep going is hard, instead of just setting one goal, set an overall goal and smaller milestones you can reach inbetween. Celebrating these smaller milestones can increase your overall motivation for reaching your main goal.


Try out these simple 5 tips on keeping up your New year’s resolutions this year!

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