Mythbusting popular Fitness Myths1 Dec

Mythbusting popular Fitness Myths

Heading back to the gym after a break, or starting fresh with a new fitness lifestyle can be really daunting! These top seven reasons of avoiding the gym from UK Active are the perfect myths to bust!

1 – Not being fit enough

The misconception of physically fit people going to the gym is huge; when you think about it, everyone was where you were once! Many of the people you see at the gym started going to create a healthier lifestyle for themselves, focusing on creating your ideal lifestyle no matter how fit you are can be the best place to start. Focus on the fact that everyone has to start somewhere!

2 – Wearing revealing/tight workout clothes

What you wear is up to YOU! Whether it’s a sports bra and leggings or sweat pants and a top; whatever you wear is up to you. As long as you feel comfortable and can move freely in your clothes, you are wearing what’s best for you. Some people don’t like baggy clothes for working out as it annoys them when they’re lifting or stretching, others find it easier to move around in. So many people wear so many different things to the gym, it’s a place to feel comfortable in whatever you want doing what you can to create a healthier lifestyle.

3 – Being judged by those around you

The fear of being judged by those around you is hard, this is something that can affect a lot of people’s opinions about going to the gym. Something that could help would be inviting a friend or family member to the gym with you; focusing on someone else rather than yourself can really help, with the extra encouragement you can find yourself pushing further than before!

4 – Changing in front of people

Changing in front of people is always going to be hard! Using this as an excuse to not go to the gym is simple; however with toilet cubicles and some designated changing areas, you can change elsewhere or even cut down on the changing time by turning up to the gym in your clothing!

5 – Not knowing anyone to go with

Going to the gym and fitness classes don’t just help your physical and mental health, they’re the perfect way to meet new people! Chatting about your workout, asking someone for help with weights or enjoying a boogie in Clubbercise together can be the best way to bond with new people. Instead of seeing it as not knowing anyone, see going to workout as a chance to meet new people!

6 – Being Sweaty

If there is one time to be sweaty – it’s at the gym! Working out makes you sweat, it’s another way for you body to cool down and is the perfect way to test if you’re pushing yourself! If anything, not sweating would be worse as you turn up to a workout and finish the exact same as when you started, sweating is something natural that happens and shows your commitment to working out.

7 – Not knowing what equipment to bring

Many classes will let you know in the description what you need to bring to the class if you need to bring anything! A lot of fitness classes already offer equipment for you to use; other staples to bring are a lock for your locker and a water bottle to stay hydrated!


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