How can you relieve stress?10 Aug

How can you relieve stress?

As life seems to be getting closer to normality; we can still feel the stresses of going back to work and dealing with constant changing restrictions. Here are some of our best stress-relieving exercises that you can take part in at home or at our centres!


Yoga is based around a series of moving and stationary poses; paired with deep breathing this exercise is perfect to help relax your body and keep a balance. Not only is Yoga fantastic for relaxing; it is perfect for all ages and fitness levels. If you’re looking for somewhere to start with stress-relief, Yoga is a great place to start.

Tai Chi

Different kinds of martial arts are amazing to help you focus on something else and keep up your mindfulness; Tai Chi is fantastic to kickstart your fitness journey with martial arts. It focuses on fluid movements increasing balance, flexibility and helping you to focus on your movements and clear your mind.


Something simple and free that you can do is walking! Not only will this allow you to get out of the house; this gives you a chance to socially distance and meet up with friends you haven’t seen in awhile, as well as get your exercise in. Walking releases tension as well as being an easy exercise to go to!


This is also something you can do with friends while socially distancing! Zumba is an incredible fitness class that will not only give you a chance to improve your agility but also improves your mood. Or try Brio Dance with our fantastic instructors!


If you’re looking for classes that will help you relieve stress; check out our YouTube channel for some of our fantastic online fitness classes!

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