How can you keep up with home workouts?2 Jul

How can you keep up with home workouts?

Here are our top tips to help you get the most out of your home workouts!

1. Stick to a plan

Creating and sticking to a fitness plan is a perfect way to make sure you keep on top of your workouts! Make sure that your plan includes exercises, how long they’ll take and how many times a week you want to workout.

Keeping on top of your workouts can help you find days to rest and how many times a week you want to exercise; we have some incredible online fitness classes that you can include in your plan! Click here to find out what’s coming up this week.

2. Schedule the time to train

Setting aside time to train and exercise can be another struggle on top of family, work and more; however, even setting aside 15 minutes can help you get in a workout.

Working out at home is an advantage; you can set aside times that benefit you as you’re not tied down to any timetables!

3. Create a fitness space

Selecting a specific room or space for exercising will help you keep up with training and your plan! Being able to keep your crucial workout gear and equipment in one area allows you to create a space that is dedicated to your workouts and exercise.

This can be as big or as small as you want it to be; feel free to use an area that might need to be cleared once you have worked out but still has space for you to store your equipment.

4. Eliminate any distractions

A downside of working out at home is becoming easily distracted; doing all the above will already help limit your distractions, but taking it one step further can successfully eliminate all distractions.

For example, turning off your phone, or putting it on silence will help you focus on what you are doing, taking yourself away from whoever you live with or asking them not to distract you for a certain amount of time can help too.

5. Try something new

No one is watching you workout when you’re at home! It’s the perfect opportunity to try something new; whether this is BODYATTACK or Yoga, or maybe trying out weights that you haven’t used before.


Don’t forget that we have so many different fitness classes on our YouTube channel that you can keep up with, or join us LIVE on Facebook!

We’ve teamed up with Les Mills to keep delivering you workouts at home and for a limited time, you can even get a 30-day trial to their on-demand service when you follow this link. If you find you’re loving it, we’ve managed to grab you a discount too! Join through our exclusive Brio Leisure link and you’ll save a third on the monthly fee, now just £7.94. This fee is paid directly to Les Mills, Brio Leisure do not control or manage these payments and this digital membership would sit outside of your current Brio membership, see their website for full terms and conditions.

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