Exercises to keep your back happy!10 May

Exercises to keep your back happy!

If your back is hurting and sunburn isn’t the cause, we’ve got some tips here to help keep it feeling fine!

Back pain is very common and can really cause issues with your daily life. It can be especially bad if you’re someone who enjoys regular workouts, as if you’re not careful then exercise can cause more pain! It’s not always easy to know what you can and can’t do, so we’ve put together a few key points that will keep your back at ease! While we can’t show you how to do everything here, we’ve listed a few basic exercises that you can ask any Gym Instructor about and they’ll show you how to do them. They’ll also be able to provide loads more exercises that’ll go easy on your back too!

Get on the floor!

These are handy because you can do them in the gym or at home! Floor-based exercises are great for strengthening your back, and there’s no need to worry about any impacts jarring your back and causing pain. Give this one a go:
Lie on your front and do 3 sets of leg raises, back raises, leg lifts. They’re great for your core, and by strengthening your core you’ll be improving all the muscles that support your back.

Pick up the weights!

You may be a bit wary of using weights, in case you hurt your back. Don’t worry though, as long as you’re using them safely then working out with weights will actually do wonders for strengthening the muscles in your back! Don’t overdo it, use low to medium weight and focus on exercising your lower back. Most types of weight training are not only safe for backs but can help relieve back pain! It’s also worth remaining seated while using weights, as this will limit the movements your body can make so will help avoid triggering further pain.

Don’t forget to stretch!

As when you do any exercise, it’s key to stretch before and after to avoid injury. Don’t overstretch or stretch in any way that’s uncomfortable to you, but many stretches will help align your spine. Avoid touching your toes and hamstring stretches as that may niggle it!

Take a dip!

Swimming is renowned for being low impact, so why not treat your back to a swim? Choose what stroke you feel comfortable doing and maybe switch it up in-between strokes, the choice here really is yours! A swim is easy on your bones and joints, so let your back exercise with ease!

…and a few things to avoid!

This might not be the same for everyone but generally, there are certain exercises that may cause issues for your poor back. Anything too high impact (think jumping, running etc) or anything that involves twisting your spine or movements that are too quick are all to be avoided. Only do what you feel comfortable with and be sure to check with our Gym Instructors if you need any advice!

So, there are a few pointers to help keep your backs in tip-top shape while working out!

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