5 things that you might not know that Brio Leisure Offers!8 Jan

5 things that you might not know that Brio Leisure Offers!

Brio Leisure offers more than just a fitness centre; it’s a haven of surprises waiting for you to discover.

While you may be familiar with the gym and swimming pool, there’s a world of hidden gems that might have escaped your notice. Let’s uncover five things you can do at Brio Leisure that you probably didn’t know about!


1.Glide Through a Skater’s Paradise:
Brio Leisure has a skateboard park with ramps, rails, and open spaces for skateboard lovers. It’s separate from the regular fitness areas. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a novice eager to learn, grab your skateboard and experience the thrill of gliding through this hidden gem.



2. Table Tennis Triumphs Await:

Brio Leisure has special areas for table tennis, perfect for those who enjoy fast rallies and quick reflexes. Whether you’re new or experienced, these tables are great for playing table tennis.


3. Serve Up a Storm on the Badminton Courts:
Feel the rush of the shuttlecock as you step onto Brio Leisure’s dedicated badminton courts. Perfect for both casual games and competitive matches, these courts provide an exciting space for badminton enthusiasts. Unleash your skills, challenge a friend, or simply enjoy the fast-paced action in this unexpected sporting retreat.


4. Squash Your Way to Fitness:
Hidden among the fitness offerings, Brio Leisure boasts state-of-the-art squash courts. Playing squash with a racquet against a friend is a great way to get a tough workout and improve your speed. It’s a fantastic, adrenaline-pumping alternative you might not have expected.


5. Dive into Aquatic Adventures Beyond Swimming:
While swimming pools are a common feature in leisure centres, Brio Leisure takes aquatic activities to the next level. Discover aqua cycling, an unusual and exciting fitness class conducted in the water. Exercise in water with a bike for a refreshing and different way to stay fit. It offers resistance and buoyancy that you may not have known about.


Brio Leisure is full of surprises, offering more than meets the eye. Discover hidden gems like skateboard parks, badminton courts, table tennis spaces, squash courts, and unique aquatic fitness classes. When you go to Brio Leisure next time, try new activities that will make your leisure experience more exciting.

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