5 Reasons To Start Swimming Today11 Nov

5 Reasons To Start Swimming Today

Swimming is a fantastic way to build-up physical health, as well as benefiting your mental health!

Here are five quick reasons to start swimming today:

  1. You get a whole-body workout! Swimming works on building endurance, muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness; improving on your balance and posture too.
  2. Swimming reduces stress! All exercise releases endorphins; endorphins help to improve your mood and wipe away all tension from the week.
  3. It’s a great way to meet new people and make friends. Whether in an aqua class or enjoying a lane swim, getting to know the people around you will give you that extra support!
  4. With or without an injury, swimming is good – but if you are suffering from and injury give swimming a try! Swimming helps strengthen muscles and ligaments safe and effectively, it supports your body and helps to avoid stiffness.
  5. Take time out and away from the stresses of life. After work, before heading out with friends, spend that extra time alone to help relax.

Start swimming today, whether it’s in an aqua class or just a casual swim – you will start to feel the benefits! We also have a Masters Swim to help you improve your swimming skills, whether it’s just for fun or for training.

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