Mental Health Awareness Week 2021 – Nature10 May

Mental Health Awareness Week 2021 – Nature

It is Mental Health Awareness Week, we want to help support you in every way we can – including mental health!

Lockdown has affected the mental health of many, “studies conducted in China find that young people report increased depressive symptoms and anxiety symptoms and can experience negative psychological consequences as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic” we found out from the Mental Health Foundation. The Mental Health Foundation focuses on a key area of mental health each year, to help with the restrictions lockdown has created, this year they are focusing on nature. Finding ways to increase your time outside can positively affect your mental health, here are some of our top tips!

Spending time outside

We’ve been in lockdown for over a year now! As the weather warms up, and lockdown lifts, it’s a great way for you to venture outside. Whether it’s spending time at a park, lake or beach, why not invite a couple of friends out or enjoy some time outside with your social bubble.

Even spending time outside without family and friends will improve your mental health, making sure you get fresh air daily and just spend time in a different environment can really help.

Exercising outside

Take your exercise outside!! We know it’s great being back at the gym, but being outside for a small workout will benefit so much. Even looking at increasing your walking, whether you walk to the gym instead of driving to get yourself outside. From walking to running to cycling, there are so many ways for you to increase your exercise outside; why don’t you focus your cardio exercise outside before heading to the gym?

Take activities outside

Working from home is becoming the new normal for a lot of people, finding ways to even leave the house is tricky so try taking some of your activities outside! It’s getting hotter and easier to get outside, hobbies like reading, sewing and even taking part in a fitness class outside or in your garden can help you leave the house.

Simple activities like even eating outside for a meal a day keeps you fresh and ready for completing the workday, or ready for a good sleep.


Tag us in some of your photos outside on our socials, or even take part in some of our incredible fitness classes from your favourite instructors!

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