Our Masters Swim Class is Perfect for You!7 Oct

Our Masters Swim Class is Perfect for You!

Pushing yourself to achieve higher is hard on your own; with Masters Swim, you get that extra support from our team, and can reach goals you thought were impossible!

Who can go?

For anyone over the age of 16 looking to keep swimming as an active hobby, or to improve and keep fit, Masters Swim is perfect for you! Even if you want to train for galas or competitions like triathlons, this aqua class can help you improve.

Are you looking to relieve stress too? Masters Swim is a fabulous aqua class that can elevate your mood and anxiety after a day at work. Relax with work colleagues or by yourself and add this class to your weekly workouts to mix them up! Every Thursday at Northwich Memorial Court from 6:30 pm-7:30 pm, you can relax and take some time to yourself.

Members of our incredible staff will be there to support, coach and give you advice on how you can improve on your strokes. Make sure that you’re confident in swimming at least one length of the pool before going to Master Swim; this class can help you improve rather than learn. If you’re looking to start from scratch, we have so many aqua classes that can help you with this too! Aim for Masters Swim by starting your swim journey at one of our adult swimming lessons.

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