4 worse ways for your kids to spend the summer10 Jul

4 worse ways for your kids to spend the summer

Stuck for ideas this summer holiday?

Who else agrees that the summer holidays are too long? Keeping kids entertained and active for 6 whole weeks is just a bit much, isn’t it?

Well, we’re here to save the day with our junior membership offer! Join your kids up now and they’ll get the rest of July plus ALL of August for only £12.00! That’s an unbeatable bargain and will ensure they’re exercising and having fun all summer long, whether that’s in the pool or playing racquet sports with their friends.

Still not sure? Well with the way things are now, there are definitely worse ways for them to spend their summer holidays!

1. Fortnite


We’re not saying video games aren’t fun (because they are), but you don’t want your kids cooped up inside for 12 hours a day screaming down a headset in pursuit of a Victory Royale, do you?

2. Shopping


As great as shopping is, they’re going to get far less for £12.00 than they would with our summer membership offer.

3. Spending summer alone


There’s a great social aspect to fitness that we can’t shout about enough. If your kids are getting bored of their own company then with a membership they can invite a few friends along for a game of badminton!

4. Doing nothing


That’d be a waste of their summer holiday, wouldn’t it?

So, get them signed up today! Just pop into your local centre to get them started.

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