Kickstart Your Mind & Body Journey23 Sep

Kickstart Your Mind & Body Journey

When thinking of mind and body exercises, many people assume they don’t work your body, only focusing on the spiritual side of exercise. Mind and body exercises test your strength and commonly use muscles you don’t use in other classes and workouts.

What are mind and body exercises?

Mind and body exercises combine body movement, mental focus, controlled breathing, balance, flexibility and health. Combining all of these in different ways creates the various classes we offer, whether that’s Pilates, Tai Chi or one of our many Yoga options. These exercises can help your strength and mobility; focusing on your muscular movements as well as your mental focus.

Benefits of mind and body exercises!

There are a lot of benefits from our mind and body classes that you probably wouldn’t expect! The more obvious benefits are that they help reduce stress and can increase dopamine levels. Dopamine helps with mental health as your stress levels decrease, and you’re left feeling a lot more positive than before. These exercises also help reduce blood pressure and heart rate; focusing on your controlled breathing and inner mental focus will help calm you down!

Controlled breathing is an excellent way of building up strength. Holding certain poses for a long time will help you use muscles you haven’t used before, and building up strength. Doing mind and body exercises can also help reduce pain in joints and can help reduce arthritis. These exercises help with flexibility, balance and posture, which is essential to maintain when getting older.

What classes can you go to, to kickstart your mind and body journey?

Yoga is a great place to start on your mind and body journey! This class is gently paced, guiding you through various poses that will test your stamina but also help you focus on your body! Tai Chi is excellent to help relieve stress and anxiety; this class will help you with balance and relieve you from the stresses of the day with the smooth, accentuated movements. Fitness Pilates is a class that leans more towards the body than the mind. Using moves from Pilates, this class will test your body developing your core strength, flexibility, posture and much more!

You can find out more about what mind and body classes we do here or find out when and where they are here!

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