The Best Equipment to help improve your Home Workouts7 Jul

The Best Equipment to help improve your Home Workouts

Finding equipment to help you get the most out of your exercising at home is tricky; we’ve found some amazing pieces that will help improve your home workouts!

There are so many different types of equipment you can get; there are different weighted pieces of equipment, essentials and more that are the best to start off with. Starting with weighted essentials, you want to make sure you get equipment that is perfect for getting started.


There are a couple of essential pieces of equipment for you to optimise your home workouts; these can help you with any kind of exercise from stretching to weights. Yoga or exercise mats are perfect to keep you safe from the floor and floor safe from you! Grabbing a mat will help limit the pain in your back when completing floor exercises, and can save the floor from any damage that weights might do.

Blocks are another fantastic essential; these can help both beginners and experts in mat exercises, helping you to try and achieve new exercises. Blocks are also great if you struggle with flexibility, they can help you develop your skills! If you’re more advanced, you can incorporate the block into different exercises and poses to help push your body.

Resistance bands, like blocks, are great for beginners and experts! They build up strength by applying different amounts of force on your muscles in both upper and lower body training; resistance bands are also amazing for mobility and increasing your flexibility.

Weighted equipment

There is a difference between using weights and using weighted equipment; these can both benefit your home workouts but in different ways. Weighted equipment, like a weighted jumping rope, is a great next step into pushing your cardio and strength. Using a weighted rope can increase your overall stamina and endurance, as well as promoting weight loss and improving coordination, footwork and more.

Wrist weights or bands wrap around your wrist and contain weighted materials such as sand. Using bands like this on your wrists helps to increase strength in not only your arms, but can increase core, shoulders and chest. You can also find ankle bands that can help you improve the strength of your ankles, legs, hips and glutes!

Exercising with off-balance exercises can help you work your muscles that are great for posture; a medicine ball is perfect for aiming to work those deeper muscles. They build up your abs, lower back muscles and help to burn a lot of calories. Medicine balls also offer a lot of new and fun exercises to try.


Trying to find ways to get into weights and weight exercises can be daunting as well as trying to figure out which weights to go for. Dumbbells are great to get into weight training, not only will they help you target specific muscles but come in various weights and can help you move from beginner to advanced. Dumbbells also offer various strength outcomes and can be more joint-friendly than barbells.

Kettlebells are another popular home weight; exercises including kettlebells use your whole body, combining strength, core and flexibility training into one! There are many benefits including increased strength and endurance, flexibility and weight loss.


Feel free to expand your weights and weighted equipment as you grow your home workouts and improve! Here are some other tips on how you can lose weight through small changes. We also have some fantastic videos, including kettlebell fitness classes over on our Facebook and YouTube pages!

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